Secret Weapon

6’3 Asym (Goofy) “Secret Weapon”.

A standard amount of pressure dents on the deck, minimal pressure dents on the bottom, and no repairs.

The Secret Weapon was initially designed in 2003, and the idea came from a gun with a snapped nose. A fuller nose outline with the wide point pushed forward, volume down the centre and under the chest means it paddles like a gun but at a compact length. Medium to low volume rails to keep it responsive, a pulled-in, edgy and thinned-out tail to draw surgical lines with flow. The Secret Weapon was made for conditions where you might typically require a 6’6’’ to a 7’0” gun. You would ride this; 6-8 inches shorter with the same paddle power, yet way easier to fit tighter in the barrel and on the rail, steeper in the pocket.

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