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Approximate Turnaround Timeline After Order Confirmation:

PU/PE - 3 - 4 weeks

EPU / EPS - 4 - 6 weeks

EPUX / Flex-Tech - 6 - 8 weeks

Gloss and Polished - 8 weeks


Be careful with your Flex-tech, both in and out of the water! Although they're much stronger and more durable than normal PU surfboards, they're not indestructible. Don't leave it in the sun. No surfboard deals well with a lot of excess heat. Ensure any minor dings are fixed with epoxy resin.

If you can tick these few simple boxes then there's a great chance your Flex-tech will be your best friend for a long, long time. Enjoy!

Throughout the development of the Flex-tech construction, dozens of prototypes in a range of different models, were found to work best in standard dimensions. While the EPS core does add a small degree of extra buoyancy, testers felt it was only just enough to notice a slight increase in floatation and ease of paddling, but not enough to warrant making any changes to dimensions or overall volume.

It's worth noting that the rails in the Flex-tech range are slightly lowered compared to the standard the PU construction, which serves to make it even easier to ride your normal dimensions in this new tech.

The Flex-tech construction is recommended to use on Twin Fins, Fishes, Grovellers, Hybrids and Shortboards.

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