5'5'' x 19'' x 2 1/4''

Shaped out of a special waterproof foam core, PVC stringer, wrapped up in a cosy Innegra hex weave with carbon Innegra rail tape.

unique construction which has proven to be very durable.

Good condition with minimal pressure dents on deck, clean bottom, no repairs.

The Cuttlefish is a modern take on a design from a classic era! Using one of my current rockers, a smooth transitioning outline, modern bottom contours and a few different fin options, this board is a speedy wonder that is more versatile than its former groundbreaking shape. The main feature in this design is the single wing right behind the front fins, this creates a pivot point for snappy turns and bite. A beaked nose pushes volume into the chest area for easy paddling, I’ve kept the rocker fairly flat for quick speed and extra glide in slower surf, with deep, concave’s, makes this board a super drivey, drag-free, wave catching machine. Stepped rails in the wings create a more sensitive bite in the wave face where the fins knife in and engage. Like having a nice thinned out rail under your back foot, but keeping plenty of foam in the tail so you can bury the rail and have it push back and ping out of turns. An option for a rear stabiliser fin to add some extra drive without taking away the drag-free feeling of a twin. The Cuttlefish is a great addition to your quiver, not just for small surf, but also in more favourable conditions on most wave types.


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