5'9'' x 19 1/2''x 2 3/8'' (28.7 litres)

EPU construction, glassed with S-Glass and bio epoxy resin.

A standard amount of pressure dents on the deck, minimal pressure dents on the bottom, no repairs.

Gain an advantage at the outset. With its shorter, wider outline, this board fits really well into the contour of a smaller wave face for a more progressive approach to your surfing. A double wing pulls in the tail, which allows you more control; they also break the rail line, which makes the board pivot well. This thing goes fast with the low-entry rocker to help you generate speed from take-off. A single concave to double concave through the fins, with a slight “vee” off the tail, gives you ample drive and response. Extra paddle power due to the fuller nose and extra foam throughout, rail thickness is kept medium/low for sensitivity and quick reaction time. This board will have you up and catching plenty of waves, perfect for progressive surfing in everyday conditions and best used as your groveller in small to medium-sized waves. It can generate its own speed while still allowing top-to-bottom surfing. You can ride the Gambit in two sets of dimensions: Standard or Groveller. Ride a couple of inches shorter than you are tall, and the groveller is about 4 inches shorter than you are tall.

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